Tucktec Folding Kayak Reviews

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Kristin Edgerton

I am a small 5’1, 115 lb woman so when my ex left I found myself very limited since I don’t have roof racks or the physical strength to maneuver my big kayak. This gives me the freedom to kayak whenever I please and get back to my favorite pastime!

It took 4 months to come in. With Covid and the crazy world, this isn’t great but it’s to be expected. I work in manufacturing so I understand the difficulty with supply-chain issues. The first time folding is difficult but after folding all of the seams a couple of times it gets much easier. I didn’t time myself but I have no complaints with the time it takes (took longer to load/unload my old one safely from racks with help). It’s very wide so it’s stable but not the fastest. Great for a calm lake or river. Easy to maneuver since it’s so light. The seat I got only has one seat cushion and the back, I might add some more cushion at some point. I had to keep adjusting the strap for the back of the seat as it stretched throughout my first ride but there is plenty of adjustability in the strap.

So far I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you tucktec.

Glad you are enjoying your Tucktec! Thanks for the review!

Folding glasses

Due to weather I have not been kayaking since I got them so have not yet tried them. But they seem great.

Can’t Wait For Spring

Living in the Northeast, we won’t be trying our new toy until Spring. The order and response was quick
And easy.

Tucktec T-Shirts
John O'Donnell

The material on these shirts are amazing!! It's almost like extremely light flowy wetsuit if that makes sense? So soft and comfortable. Wear mine all the time. Highly recommended 🔥

We love them


We got our 2 Kayaks Saturday and folded them up with no problem and they are great! Can’t wait to get them in the water. So excited!

Looking forward to using the kayaks

Haven’t had the chance to get out on the water yet but we’re looking forward to that next spring

This is my second tucktec kayak. I have been enjoying my dark blue Tucktec and wanted to add another so I could invite a friend to go with me for some fun on the water. I am glad I watched the video prior to taking the new one out to the beach as the assembly is different from my original kayak. I really like the updates especially the seat. I wish I could get one like it for my older kayak. I took the pretty light blue refurbished kayak out for the first time with my friends dog and we had a great time. Plenty of room for both of us to ride comfortably. We had a great time and love the new kayak!

Customer Service is Top Notch

Did the two for one Black Friday deal and the first kayak arrived so quickly! The second one never arrived due to an error, but Tucktec responded quickly to my email and sent the replacement right after. The kayaks are beautiful and we can’t wait to use them!

New Anchor

Love it! It’s light, folds flat, long rope…just needs buoy!

Baby anchor

I probably won't get to try it out this year. It's very small an lightweight so I'm I'm not real confident that it will work. I'll have to wait 6 months or so to test it .

Looks pretty great!

Love the look of the new anchor. Looks like it will come in handy once this Michigander can get out on the water this coming spring.

Awesome customer service

I ordered the wrong color but TuckTec sent me the right color right away. I didn't even need to wait for the old one to be returned before they shipped the new one. Kayak works great on the water as well!

I’m a fan

My latest Tucktec joins another refurbished Tucktec I bought a few years ago, with this second Tucktec now a friend can join me. I can leave the Ticktec in my van with basic gear so that impromptu on the water adventures are possible. Plus it is so easy to carry to the launch site if you can’t get close to the water.
I’m keeping my hardsided kayaks too so that I can paddle water with rapids and explore waters with medium or larger alligators. But the tucktecs definitely have a place in my paddling adventures.

My refurb

I bought this for my husband. However he has been unable to use it yet. I put it together and found no discrepancy with my original kayak. I don't anticipate any issues. Just a note, my husband is an engineer and an avid boater. It was at his suggestion that I get him one. I love mine to death. I'm taking it out today with my daughter who has one. Best purchase ever!

Easy to fold

I have not compared a new tucktec to a refurbished one but a lot of reviews talked about how difficult it was. Mine was very easy to fold together and was great on the water. I loved all the room I had. I wasn't even pushed by the wind too much until it got to about 9-10mph. Great kayak!

Very pleased with my refurbished kayak.

Tucktec has thoroughly checked the kayak construction and sent me a technician initialed list of all the areas inspected and approved. So aside from some cosmetic signs of limited use, the kayak is in solid physical shape. I’m happy with my decision of buying a refurbished one.


I had to send it back because I had broken both my wrists and was unable to assemble it .

New refurbished TUCKTEC kayak

The refurbished kayak arrived in perfect condition and I had a successful maiden voyage. I love the TUCKTEC page on fb and love all the successful stories and beautiful pictures. Every TUCKTEC user gives great reviews which is why I purchased my kayak.

Adrian Strickland

Only giving 4 stars because the seat can get uncomfortable on long rides! Other than that it’s perfect

Michelle Moody

I am so happy I bought my Tucktec kayak. The customer service was great. After ordering, I realized it was the wrong color. I quickly emailed and about 10 minutes later (7:30 pm EST) I received a call from a gentleman (who was watching the Alabama football game 😂) letting me know they got my email and would correct my order. My kayaks arrived quickly. I set it up and tried it in the pool and a few days later went on a kayak trip. Tucktec kayaks are so easy to transport, are quick to set up and take down, and feel very durable. We kayaked in a lake with lots of cypress trees. Several times I felt limbs hitting underneath the kayak and I even rammed the corner into a tree. It didn’t seem to phase it. I can’t wait to go out again and kayak. I recommended this kayak to several others already. Thanks Tucktec!

Functions as advertised!

Finally got on the water last Saturday for 5 to 6 hours. I cought two fish. I was on the Naktong river in Korea. It is a few hundred yards wide. It was quite choppy in the morning when we started out and the Tucktec handled it well. By the time we finished up the river was smooth as glass. I appreciate the design of the Tucktec over some other designs for fishing as it is easy to carry gear inside without worrying about it falling in the water. My only complaint is the seat. I'm 6'2" and weigh 200 pounds. The seat back couldn't support me well in the last hour or so. I got a lot of compliments and inquiries on it. And it fits in the saddle bag on my motorcycle. Pretty cool 😎

Vladimir Palensky

It is a good kayak but what is missing is a couple pages how to assembel it.

Sandra Tetley
Thumbs up

Received my new kayaks near the end of the season. Did take it out for a short trial to see how it goes. I love the weight and stability. Tough to fold the first few times and then gets easier. Found out I had to lift the fin for use in the lake ort I could not do any turns. Wish it were a little narrower. I am short and periodically hit the foam sides when paddling. In spite of that I did very much enjoy my short paddle. Would definately recommend for someone who has problems lifting the plastic preformed had kayaks. This works great and musch easier to transport and store. Thumbs up..

kyle pfisterer
Excellent. And even better with simple mods

Overall is sper stable and portable. Easily stands up to intercostal waters with boats going by you. Would highly recommend to anyone that doesnt want to have to use a kayak rack and/or carry one.