Tucktec Folding Kayak Reviews

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Kristin Edgerton

I am a small 5’1, 115 lb woman so when my ex left I found myself very limited since I don’t have roof racks or the physical strength to maneuver my big kayak. This gives me the freedom to kayak whenever I please and get back to my favorite pastime!

It took 4 months to come in. With Covid and the crazy world, this isn’t great but it’s to be expected. I work in manufacturing so I understand the difficulty with supply-chain issues. The first time folding is difficult but after folding all of the seams a couple of times it gets much easier. I didn’t time myself but I have no complaints with the time it takes (took longer to load/unload my old one safely from racks with help). It’s very wide so it’s stable but not the fastest. Great for a calm lake or river. Easy to maneuver since it’s so light. The seat I got only has one seat cushion and the back, I might add some more cushion at some point. I had to keep adjusting the strap for the back of the seat as it stretched throughout my first ride but there is plenty of adjustability in the strap.

So far I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you tucktec.

Glad you are enjoying your Tucktec! Thanks for the review!

Im so excited can't wait just received my very first tucktek n very impressed how easy it was to put up n take down for a 65 yr old female n it fits right in my backseat,can't wait to b out fishing with serenity that's her name

We absolutely love these kayaks
And will be buying a couple more next year

Essential pack
Linda Hayes
Made things right

I ordered 2 folding kayaks. Mine is pink. I ordered the essential pack paddle to match my kayak. When order was recd..the essential pack paddle matched the 2nd kayak. 1 email to customer service solved the problem and they were kind enough to send me my matching paddle. Thank you very much!

Tucktec HACKIT
Dusty Vignes

Well done on offering upgrades to an already excellent product. This kit literally provides me with everything I need to make this upgrade quick and simple!

Dry bag!!!

Due to non kayaking weather I have not been able to actually use my dry bag. But am impressed with the quality. I have put supplies in each one so I have one in each of my 2 vehicles for use with my Tucktecs!

Perfect Solution

We own a water front condo, however, the association does not allow kayaks/canoes to be stored outside. We have been looking for a reasonably price alternative to an inflatable kayak that could be easily stored in our closet. When we saw an advertisement for Tucktec, we thought it was such an innovative concept and we couldn't believe the price! After reading reviews and watching YouTube videos on the Tucktec, we decided top go ahead and order 2.
They arrived very fast, within ~4 days. My 1st attempt at assembling to me 18 minutes and my 2nd took 16 minutes. Folding back up took less than 9 minutes.
Upon inspection of one of the paddles, I noticed a rivet that was damaged in shipping. I contacted Tucktec and they immediately sent me a replacement. Excellent customer service!
We look forward to trying them out on the water when the weather gets a little warmer.
We highly recommend these kayaks for anyone with limited space or just looking for an easily transported kayak.

Great portable kayak option

Great customer service. Loved that it is made in the USA. It is easy to transport and put together. Rolling up has been a big more challenging. Tracks pretty good as well! Thanks Tucktec

Happy customer

Great portable option, top notch service.

Tucktec HACKIT
Diane Azzopardi
I can now HACKIT.

Fits and packs nicely with my other Tucktec stuff. Looking forward to some hacking once the snow stops!

Wonderful kayak all around!

Repeat customers

We loved my husband’s kayak so much that I ordered a second one. It’s been too cold for kayaking so haven’t been able to try out the paddle yet

Great customer service

I ordered 2 kayaks less than 3 weeks ago and they arrived about 5 days later. I had sent an email about a problem right after I made the order and received an response the next day. While I won’t be kayaking until the snow leaves and the weather warms up, I’m looking forward to decking them out and practicing the fold.

Haven’t had time to use it yet

Amazing kayak!

We love the Tucktec. We have 3. So easy to store and carry. My 10 year old can carry his own. So fun to decorate them and add some personality. My favorite part is you just spray them down to clean and you are ready to store until your next adventure. Once you get use to folding them it is easy. Don’t get discouraged from your first awkward fold. I promise it gets easier. Enjoy your time outside. I recommend Tucktec to everyone.

My Folding Kayak

Overall I am very happy.
After folding and unfolding it a few times I find it pretty easy to transport.
The free paddles were not easy to use. I replaced them with $19.00 paddles from Amazon. The seat needed some adjustment. I inserted 4 12" stainless steel mending rods to create a ridged back support.

Love my pink Tucktec

I finally got my Tucktec assembled today. With practice it won’t be too difficult. Can’t wait till it’s warm enough to get her in the water. I’ve been telling all my friends about our origami boats. Easy to store and transport. The answer to all the complaints I had to a regular kayak.

Tucktec House-Made Paddle
Choeck Vanhaneth
Tucktec Paddle

I have not used these items yet.

Jeanette Saunders-Bartle

The assembly was straight forward, but it was so stiff I couldn't get the front together. I took it out on the river yesterday and it pulled to the right pretty hard. Another friend also tried it and had the same problem. I presented the problem on the Tucktec face book page and asked for advice on this matter. There were a lot of good suggestions, which I will try next time. I am a small older woman, but I have always kayaked and loved all water sports. I am hoping to find an easier way to carry the kayak, because it is hard for me even with the shoulder strap. It is a very awkward 27 lbs for a short person.

From ordering to receiving

When I was ordering my 2 Tucktec kayaks I wasn’t able to use the coupon code and sent an email. The response was sent the very next day and I was told the discount was refunded. Hooray! I received my 2 kayaks In 4 days! Best made foldable kayaks in the USA are Tucktec

Love ‘em! Can’t wait to get them out on the water!

Got our 2 Tuctecs recently - took a couple times watching the video but got the hang of putting these together in just a few minutes. Great product! Great customer service!

Tucktec T-Shirts
Kimberly Doze
Great T-shirt

Material is soft, smooth and moisture wicking. Unisex but more of a classic mens fit. Picture is my daughter (5’7) in a M. I got a bigger size so I could wear as a swimsuit coverup. LOVE the logo. #tucktec2023 #tucktec

New Tucktec

Just received my new yellow Tucktec. Unfortunately still in box. Got it Gri and skied all weekend. Was 18° when it arrived so I put it in the foyer. Should have warmed up by now and will unbox and start folding. Have a spring fling with Girl Campers CO in April and hope to get it on the lake then!!!

High quality folding glasses to go with my folding kayak!

Fantastic shades. I like that they fold up so I can easily store them in my folding #tucktec kayak. They are dark enough to make me comfortable on a bright lake but not too dark that I can't see into the shadows. Great job everyone! Looking forward to #tucktec2023

Snap-on Stabilizer Kit
Choeck Vanhaneth
Snap on Stabilizer kit

They are easy to install however the lakes here in Utah are still frozen so I have not had a chance to use my Tucktec.