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I am a small 5’1, 115 lb woman so when my ex left I found myself very limited since I don’t have roof racks or the physical strength to maneuver my big kayak. This gives me the freedom to kayak whenever I please and get back to my favorite pastime!

It took 4 months to come in. With Covid and the crazy world, this isn’t great but it’s to be expected. I work in manufacturing so I understand the difficulty with supply-chain issues. The first time folding is difficult but after folding all of the seams a couple of times it gets much easier. I didn’t time myself but I have no complaints with the time it takes (took longer to load/unload my old one safely from racks with help). It’s very wide so it’s stable but not the fastest. Great for a calm lake or river. Easy to maneuver since it’s so light. The seat I got only has one seat cushion and the back, I might add some more cushion at some point. I had to keep adjusting the strap for the back of the seat as it stretched throughout my first ride but there is plenty of adjustability in the strap.

So far I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you tucktec.

Glad you are enjoying your Tucktec! Thanks for the review!

Love LOVE this kayak!

First time on the water (beginner here). It was fantastic and easy to use. Simple set up, tear down and storage. The ride was smooth and stable. We used ours to fish out of as well. Customer service is amazing, kind and prompt. Can't say enough about yhe enyire experience. Especially Can't wait to go again...we are telling everone about Tucktec!

It’s great!!

I bought this kayak as a birthday gift to myself and I absolutely love it!! I will be replacing the seat cushion as it got uncomfortable after a long period of time.

Leila Makar Abdel Messih

People said it wouldn't float...I'm here to say we tried to push it into the water to clean the bottom and it took full strength of 2 strong adults and we barely got water it..it is BOUYANT. It's a real crowd pleaser, everytime we bring it out people literally flock with questions. I can't comment to the longevity of it yet as we've only used it a handful of times, but so far so good. The plastic is a lot more flexible after you use it a few times which is good because the first time putting it together was a full body workout. I can set up 2 by myself in under 10 minutes. 4 Stars only because shipping took a long time, but hey I get it. The seat is surprisingly good for a kayak seat, again hoping it stands the test of time! We had an issue with our paddle and it was mediated by Tucktec literally instantly. Really great customer service!!

Free Paddle with Kayak
Leroy Shelman
Awesome portable kayak option

Tried and loved the kayak. Easy to setup portable and relatively sturdy. Going to enjoy many hours in this boat

great kit, came with shipping issues

first day on the water was fantastic: the 8ft. runs smoothly, stable, speeds nicely, feels great. i`d love a backrest 4inches higher, but i`ll improvise.
shipping to europe was a different thing. five weeks is a considerable time, especially without notification of any sort for weeks, except "payment received".
also, it got sent to the wrong address despite me sending my new address days before shipping. that caused me several hours of driving.
sooo there`s something to work on for this otherwise fine company. looking forward to the next day out there!

Free Paddle with Kayak
Leslie Eccles

Hey I loved taking out my new Tucktec for the first time ever!

It worked beautifully, I was so impressed by how stable it was and how well it tracked through the water.

I had a beautiful evening on the Newport Backbay. Fish jumped as flocks of birds flew by. Dusk settled in and the evening clouds were glorious!

Great kayak, great customer service

I've only taken my new kayak out once, but I'm already in love! Customer service was extremely responsive and helpful with a small issue that was quickly resolved.

So cute

I think it’s adorable and I can’t wait to try it.

New Tucktec user 2023 10’

I received my first Tucktec on a Wednesday afternoon, practiced putting it together a couple times Thursday evening, and had it out on the water Friday afternoon. The first time assembling took some time and effort, but after that it’s been under 10 minutes. It did great out on the water. I love how easy it is to transport and store!

I like the two 10 foot kayaks that I purchased. There is a small learning curve for setting them up and then folding them down. I was surprised how stable they are. I was able to stand up in mine. They are perfect for taking with us in our small motorhome while having the bikes on the back.

Tucktec Canvas Carry Bag
Cindy M Sanchez
This carry bag is so convenient and handy!

I absolutely love that I opted to purchase the carry bag. It makes it so convenient to pack everything up without forgetting anything. I can fold it up nicely and throw it into the back part of my hull and it’s totally compact and out of the way. It fits all my kayak gear (kayak, seat, paddle and stabilizer kit). It’s super sturdy and very sleek looking. Would highly recommend, well worth the price!


Love this boat!

I have a 2022 and 2023 version. They are both lightweight, stable, easily transportable kayaks. The 2023 version has some much improved features, but it is more difficult to fold at first. Either way, both of these boats are well worth the purchse!

On the water

Our new Tucktec kayaks are great! Easy to assemble, disassemble, transport, and clean. They are perfect for us. We are getting out on the water a lot more because it’s so easy! Thank you!!

Awesome kayak

Amazing kayak. I am able to put it together myself. I use it to fish and is very stable even without the stabilizer. Very comfortable with back support. Very roomy! I am able to carry all of my fishing gear with no issues. Love this kayak!!!

Free Paddle with Kayak
Jerry Bicknell
Great product

Tucktec staff responded promptly to my email. The online video was helpful in folding my kayak for the first time. As soon as I got in and paddled out on the lake, it felt stable and was easy to maneuver. Overall I am quite impressed.

So far so good

After a little bit of a wait we finally received our kayaks but unfortunately were not able to use them right away. The first time putting them together was a bit difficult but thankfully each time did get a little easier. Our maiden voyage was a success and we really enjoyed them. They worked great! Can't wait to go again. I really like how easy it is to transport and store them.

it works

It is quite physical to fold it up into kayak and also back to a package. I have the green 10’ one and it seems the material is different than the orange one. The foot bar is not staying in on the middle setting. It feels more like a canoe and it can fit two coonhounds with me (together about 250lb) then sides are maybe 4” above the water. Better not to break the rudder, without it it doesn’t go very strait with that weight. Overall, it is exactly what I expected and nothing more. I'm glad I have it. Thank you.

Snap-on Stabilizer Kit
Patricia Burkes
Awesome and sturdy!

I love the new kayaks and especially love the way that they track. The stabilizers on the side are awesome and easy to pop on. Thank you Tucktec!!!

Love being able to fit this in my back seat. Easier than I expected to get it on the water.

Tucktec 5 Litre Dry Bag

Teresita Niedzielski
Tucktec 8’ Folding kayak 2023

Easier to assemble than I thought-first time a bit difficult but watching their video helps a lot

New Tucktec Owner

I love my Tucktec, I bought 2 and they work great, stability is great , I will find a different seat but other than that, no complaints

Free Paddle with Kayak
Victor Levenson
Nice folding with several issues

Overall, I am glad I bought it - light, well thought-through, apparently will serve for quite some time. Now what I would have done different: (1) the "folding" movie is WAY too fast and does not draw attention to the critical moments (I spent quite some time trying to fold the beam for the first time); (2) when folded, one of the metal parts sticks out - I scratched muself trying to lift the folded boat, so be careful; (3) the dges of plastic can - and probably will - scratch you when trying to paddle for the first time; (4) the boat is VERY light, so getting in and out in knee-high water is less than easy; (5) the boat is relatively wide, which adds to its reduced stability. I tried to be as critical as I could to help the manufacturers who want to improve. Overall, I am glad I bought it and a free paddle - a good one! - was very handy.