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10' Lite 

Solid Hard-Shell Kayak With Adjustable Back-Support Seat and Handles

  Free Paddle (Value $35) | Automatically applied in Cart!

10' Pro

Solid Hard-Shell Kayak With Adjustable Back-Support Seat and Handles , Adjustable Skeg (fin), Tie-Down, Adjustable Foot-Rest

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Product Highlights

Retractable Fin:

Tucktec comes with a retractable fin that lift ups to launch enhancing kayak's performance and drops down for stability and tracking.


Each kayak includes one of our folding foam seats. The plastic seat pans add extra support for added comfort while you’re out there paddling! They are designed to easily fold into your Tucktec, making storing and carrying it easy and convenient!

Handles & Hooks:

Tucktec is designed to be easy going. Comes with multiple handles so that it is super easy to carry and hooks will help you assemble your kayak in one easy move!


Every Tucktec comes with an adjustable footrest bar! They are made with sturdy PVC pipe, for extra support, and wrapped with foam, for added comfort and adjustability!

Specs & Measurements

  • Weight: Total Weight of kayak is 25 Ibs
  • Capacity: Total Capacity of kayak is 250lbs passenger, 300lbs total
  • Package Size Rolled Up: 46"x15"x9"
  • Easy to Assemble: Can be assembled in few minutes
  • No Tools Required: Very easy to setup

Warranty & Returns

Our policy lasts 90 days unless other arrangements have been made. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase as well as "First Owner" Warranty Registration via the Manufacturer website at www.tucktec.com. Warranty is valid for first-owner registered with us via our online registration of HIN. The 3-year period begins upon receipt of your kayak.

Full-size Hard-shell Kayak

When Assembeled

Family-Friendly Adventures

Crafted for Family Fun: Spacious and safe, our kayaks are perfect for family adventures. Enjoy comfortable seating and stability that makes family outings a joy.

Pet-Friendly Design

Bring Your Furry Friends: Our kayaks are designed with your pets in mind. Durable and spacious, they ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your four-legged companions.

Ideal for Fishing Expeditions

Fishing Enthusiast’s Choice: Experience the ease of fishing from our kayaks. With ample storage and smooth manoeuvrability, they are perfect for both casual and serious anglers.

Solo Paddling Serenity

Solo Paddler’s Choice: The peace of solo trips with our kayaks. Designed for ease of use and transport, they’re your ideal partner for serene water explorations.

Adventure-Ready Durability

Built for the Thrill: Durable and robust, our kayaks are ready for your next adventure. Tackle rapids or embark on long journeys with confidence.

Compact and Portable

Easy Transport and Storage: Experience unmatched portability with our foldable design. Our kayaks easily fit in your car trunk, ready for your next spontaneous adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it weigh folded up?

28 pounds (12.7 kg).

What is the capacity?

300 pounds of distributed weight. The recommended maximum single passenger weight is 250 - 280lbs (113-136 kg).

What is the length & width assembled?

The length is 9 feet 8 inches (295 cm). It's 31 inches wide (78 cm).

Do the folds wear out?

The material has been formulated to last for thousands of folds. All fold lines are reinforced.

Is it some sort of fabric?

No. It's a solid 1/8 inch thick plastic sheet. In fact, when assembled it feels and performs just like a standard hard-shell kayak.

What happens if it hits rocks?

The Tucktec Folding Kayak can take the same abuse as a standard hard-shell kayak.

How long does it really take to assemble?

The first couple times may take you 15 minutes, but after that anyone can get it down to 2 minutes or less.

Can I take a child or dog with me in it?

Ton's of folks take kids and pets along. Just be sure they sit still!

What kind of water are they good on?

Perfect for Flat-Water. Lakes, ponds, Bays, and Inlets. They are good on rivers and creeks up to class 2. They are not recommended for whitewater, beach waves, or very heavy chop.

Does it come with the seat?

Yes. The adjustable seat is included.

Does it come with a paddle?

The basic kayak package does not include a paddle.

How do you keep it from leaking?

There are NO open seam below the top level of the kayak. Each fold is a "Z" pattern that folds in and on it's self. There is nothing to seal. It's all one single flat sheet.

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