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Tucktec Folding Kayak | Hard-Shell | 2-minute Set-up | Foldable, Portable Kayak


Folding is not easy when you first get it. Leave in sun assembled for several days and fold and unfold several times at home before your first float. It does get easier…use a long screwdriver to help leverage the clasps in place. Great pro tip.
Kayaking is very pleasant and surprisingly maneuverable! Very stable while under way.
Ease of Transporting it is the biggest genius of this kayak!

Love my Tucktec

I am 55 years old and not as strong as I used to be. I love my tucktec bc it allows me to stay independent and go kayaking by myself. I love my Pelican kayak but it is hard to even take it off the trailer alone and I always have to ask my husband for help. Also, we just started snowboarding to Florida from Saint Louis every year and it makes it so easy to take my kayak with me.
I only wish that I would have known about the new release of the lighter version that was released just a few weeks after I purchased mine… Still though, many people have asked me about my kayak and I have nothing but great things to say. I am staying in a 55+ community and many of the women have asked me about it. It handles great in the water and I feel very safe and secure. Love my Tucktec!!

Shipping arrived on time, and I live across the country from their facility. I’ve had the very first model of the Tucktec for 2 years now, and this one seems to be a major upgrade for a cheaper price!Can’t wait to get on the water with this bad boy.

Good life jacket, functions well, good material

Good life jacket, functions well, good material

Carry bag

Did what it’s supposed to do. Nice.

Got this for my Boyfriends birthday and he’s OBSESSED!

The Tucktec Thingy
Susan Sadiv
New kayak

Does not opened block yet, it’s winter in New Jersey now. As soon as it warms up I will open box, get my registration number on hull and I will rate you compamy. Shipping and delivery was fast,
I have that number to register in Pennsy, so waiting for the sun to go!

Outing Bundle
Michael Woods

Great service

Love it!
My daughter had a hard shell kayak but no way to transport it so couldn’t go out as much as she would have liked to. The Tucktec is so easy to set up and take down and best of all very light and easy to transport.

Can use it for a lot of things, cooler, seat, storage. Wish could fold it flat when not in use for storage.

Fishing Bundle
Bruce Rettig
Excited for spring!

I ordered my Tucktec Kayak in the middle of winter to make sure I was prepared to navigate spring waters. I’ve read so many good thing about Tucktec and its support, and they haven’t disappointed. I’m sure I'll be posting photos this spring of my dog and I cruising the waters of the high Sierra, and Northern California’s coastal bays.

Full Boat Bundle

Overall experience was good. I’m thankful for the deal I got and that you exchanged the pink for other colors.

I’m disappointed I did not get paddles. I’ve had the 2 kayaks in my cart for a while, waiting for the time I could afford them, and every time I went to order them over the last year they always included paddles. When I saw the holiday deal over the holidays I acted on it right away because I could finally afford them and could also get the extras (a bundle and more), the main Christmas gift for my son. It’s frustrating that I now have kayaks, and then spent the difference of the money with the “deal” to buy $100 worth of extras, but now I don’t have paddles to actually go kayaking. Had I known that you would remove the paddles to lower the price, I wouldn’t have bought the extras and would’ve just bought the paddles, because now I have to take the time to order them or find them somewhere else. I even agreed to wait until after the holidays because of how busy you were, showing a picture of my son‘s gift to him on Christmas, rather than having the actual kayak, So again, not having the paddles, was disappointing to say the least.

Putting it together is very difficult, especially by yourself. Fortunately I have a 16-year-old boy. That is good at these things, but I feel if I would’ve done it by myself, I could’ve gotten injured. Hopefully overtime it will be easier. The instructional videos are not the greatest.. some of the angles and on the video are not good, ex. when it showed how to strap on the seat.

Customer Service response time through emails is great, but not being able to simply talk to someone is frustrating.

Either way, looking forward to using them at some point.

Tucktec Review 10' Lite

After a self inflicted communication hiccup with Dan concerning my purchase, I've found my experience has been very positive. It's a great product, tough as nails. I purchased the 10' Lite in white model. Am glad because it's enabled me to take advantage of the Hackit kit installing mods that are different from those included with the pro model.Havent ported it yet. My kayak, The Annie Bess ( after Mom, awwwe) but plan to post videos of her christening and maiden porting. Tucktec, it's products, Owner, Dan, staff, and customer service are an A+ company.
To be honest, I'm 61 and like a kid at Christmas with my purchase.

Life Jackets
Marlin Seevers
Prompt action

Customer service communicated well. I am satisfied with the response.

Hollis Price
Not received

I didn’t receive the paddles. I am awaiting their arrival.

Tanya Smith
Christmas present

I gave this kayak as a Christmas gift so I do not have any feedback on the product, except that it was shipped quickly.

Fishing Bundle
Ken Anderson

Fishing Bundle

Certified Refurbished
Brendan Ranslow
Great Kayak for Traveling!

I got this folding kayak to adventure with on my motorcycle and to pack it in my car. This kayak was a perfect fit for my endeavors! So far, I took it out four 6 hour days in a row in the Washington winter. I am loving this Tucktec kayak!

I’ve had them for almost two years now! Simple to use! They can be a little heavy and take some time to put together however I think they are far more portable especially for the price!
Some wear and tear in them now but that’s expected! Never went kayaking before having these and it’s been a blast!

Whenever my partner and I go kayaking people always ask where we got them, I’m basically a brand ambassador at this point lol

The Tucktec Thingy
Lizabeth Elder

I do like my Thingy, but I wish it could sit upright and be closed.

Certified Refurbished
Samuel Richard Leonard
Delight on a whim

Durable, extremely easy/simple assembly, feels secure even in choppy water. Easy to carry, and stow. Best purchase i’ve made in a long time!

Certified Refurbished
Harford Igleheart
10 foot refurbished

I am delighted with this kayak. It is as advertised. Light, portable. Easy to set up after watching the instructional video. It is exactly what I hoped for: I store it in a closet, carry it to the river beach, set it up and in minutes I am out on still waters. I stay pretty close to shore, but so do the dolphins, sea turtles and shore birds

Full Boat Bundle
Peter Ohlsson
very nice and useful complement to the kayak

The "thingy" was as stiff as the kayak which means it took me a lot of muscle power and time to "assemble" it but after a couple of times it gets a little easier.The stabilizer kit does not work on my refurbished kayak which was probably an older model but I thought about what to do with it and with a little modification I now can use it as side "protection" inside the kayak for my legs and it actually works very well.the rest of the bundle I haven´t used so far.I think that the oven might be useful as a stand/ground protection for one of these one-time grills available since it is probably too small to be used as a cooking device.All in all I´m very satisfied with the bundle and the carrying bag is very nice with room for cords,gloves and other small accessories.How durable it is time will tell but if you are in the process of buying a kayak why not invest in the bundle as well. Maybe the company should include a t-shirt in the bundle so that you "have it all". Thank you again for a great buy ! best regards Peter in Sweden