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Happy little kayaker

Best purchase of the year hands down. It is easy to use, light weight to handle and glides through the water like a dream!

2 for $720
Zachery Sturgill

I'm quite happy with everything. Looking forward to your advancements on the paddles though!

The AMAZING Tucktec Folding Paddle

So much fun!

While I've only seen the color fade Tucktecs in pictures, I believe I would have ordered one of those instead of the two solid colors. With that said, the ability to roll them up is still the best feature. Keep innovating, Tucktec Team!

2 for $720
Tung Nga Ng

Good service attitude towards customers.🧡🧡🧡 Very surprised, everything is perfect! Looking forward to more surprises from tucktec.

Great for an old lady!

First few times, it was hard on my hands. From then on, it knew just what to do. Light enough for me to carry to launch, and quite stable. The triangular shape of the paddles is hard on the hands. I use gloves.

2 for $720
Dan Horner
It works!

As a 6'4" guy I was skeptical of fitting in such a kayak comfortably. With the seat in it's farthest setting I had more than enough foot room, but also pleasantly enough legroom and then some. Initial setup was somewhat difficult, but every time thereafter was a breeze (timed at 5 minutes and not going for a record). The seat leaves much to be desired for someone my size but that is in no way a deal breaker.

2 for $720
Paula Marinelli
Exactly what I needed!

This kayak fits my needs perfectly! I have limited storage at my home and am not able to lift a hard sided kayak onto my car by myself. I bought two of these for my daughter and I to get out in the beautiful Colorado Lakes this summer. They are easy enough to set up and break down and feel stable and durable.


I've used my new kayak a couple times already and it's exactly as advertised - I love it! Plus, Tucktec customer service is exceptional! I inquired a couple of times and got responses quickly. I had even made a purchase right before a sale and they honored the lower price. Both this product and company are incredible. Thanks for being awesome, Tucktec!

2 for $720
Sean Roemer
Wish I purchased sooner

I was watching this company since their kickstarted launched in 2019. I joined the Facebook page and monitored peoples thoughts when they shipped in 2020. Then the updates came in 2021 (current model) and I knew it was the model for me. My only regret is that I wish I had purchased sooner. The price is great, the tucktecs are great, the community of support is great and my family couldn’t be happier. My 9yo son is really starting to love it. Thanks for such a great product, tucktec. We take ours on creeks, rivers and lakes every week now. Couldn’t thank you enough!

Kayak color variants

Great standout red!

2 for $720
Anne Anderson
Love our new rides!

Cannot express enough how much we love these yaks. We live in Chicago and have no car, so portability is a MUST and these don't sacrifice quality for that. A little wider in the body than a hardshell, but the paddles accommodate for that and it's actually a comfy ride. Easy to clean, stow, and very durable.


I'm a Newbie and I LOVE my TUCKTEC! The customer service I have received from all my email questions LOL, are always answered quickly. This company is #1 in my book. I highly recommend Tucktec!! Thank you

2 for $720
Anna May
Fun at a good price

As a 60 year old woman, I found this kayak easy to put together and light enough to move it around by myself. My first weekend on the water was just pure fun. This is a good product that I felt really safe and stable in and mixed with good price equals superior fun. Thank you!

They were incrediably fast with my questions along with a response above the rest!

2 for $720
Donna Stiltner
Assembly and use

Video on you tube a definite plus for first time assembly. Very easy to follow. First time took us about 45 minutes but we kept pausing and were doing both kayaks at the same time. We are new to kayaking and found these very easy to use and maneuver

Love this paddle!

This paddle is easy to unfold and carry! It's small enough to easily transport and I'd highly recommend it to pair with your Tucktec kayak!

Refurbs rule

True @ Apple 4 25 years 4 me & true so far with tucktec folks. User error gave me issues. Had delt with my senior influencer 2 TT yaks but they helped with support n 3 year warranty still applies. Community growing daily increasing knowledge base. Contact super easy. Timely as r the shipments.

Great products

Great for the casual or beginner paddler. We rent and don’t have storage space so this is perfect for me and my family. It is hard work to put them together and break them down again but we’ve only used them a couple times so their not really broke in yet. We love the bright colors and the convenience of this design.

Not for the older paddler

I need a light single that I can carry. Thought this would be perfect, and loved the idea that it was 28 pounds, that I could carry it on one shoulder and reassemble at the shore.
Not really possible as I can’t roll/fold it back up to its original small shoulder roll. I own it up to my older age, but maybe everybody’s having this problem. Any suggestions for a one person tight roll?


I love my canoe

2 for $720
Bruce Couillard
Fantastic folding funyaks

We received two new Tucktecs in our first choice of colors within ten days of ordering, in plenty of time for our vacation trip to Moosehead Lake in Maine. We put them in the back of our CRV, drove to the somewhat remote rivers and ponds nearby, assembled them quickly and launched. We saw bald eagle and moose, up close and personal! The Tucktecs are quite stable, track well and are reasonably quick. We are so happy we purchased them.

2 for $720
Amanda Anderson
I can actually carry them!

30 pounds is doable for lifting and being able to fold you can throw it in the car! Walaa!

2 for $720
Tori Vesely
So Much FUN!

Received our Tucktecs & have been on the water ever since! Straight-forward assembly, not difficult, but there is a "learning curve". Everybody wants to know about them. Excellent customer service & an awesome on-line community to share advice, tips & tricks. Have definitely recommended to everyone!

2 for $720
Blue on blue- 2 for 2

My 2 blue tucktecs came a bit late due to unavailability of the light blue plastic. I was offered a switch to another color for quicker delivery so I got 2 royal blue babies. They arrived a few days later. It was cool that day so they were stiff going together. My brother had to help me and took about a half hour while watching the video over and over. 😆
I put 1 in the creek next day and paddled up a ways. She tracks great and moves smooth & quickly over the water. Getting in & out was tricky but I managed by holding on to a tree root! Didn't flip or get wet either. Pretty good for 72 yrs old! Can't wait to slap a name on her & go on a longer paddle. I plan to get a stadium seat for her. Thanks Tucktec!