Folding Kayak | 10 foot GREEN Foldable Kayak

Folding Kayak | 10 foot GREEN Foldable Kayak
paddling our tucktec folding kayaks
Folding Kayak | 10 foot GREEN Foldable Kayak
better than an inflatable kayak
no more roof rack
carry portable kayaks
Folding Kayak | 10 foot GREEN Foldable Kayak
Folding Kayak | 10 foot GREEN Foldable Kayak
fishing kayak
Folding Kayak | 10 foot GREEN Foldable Kayak
retractable kayak skeg tracking fin
more colors than the oru kayak
outdoors in my new foldable kayak
great tracking and stability
lightweight kayaks

Folding Kayak | 10 foot GREEN Foldable Kayak

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Oru Kayak option. hard-shell folding kayaks fold up

folding portable kayak to replace inflatable kayaks

foldup fold up kayaks for sale

  • No extra space to store
  • No Roof-rack needed to carry
  • No more RENTING Kayaks
  • Packs up like Camping Gear
  • Quick & Easy Set-up
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Fits in the trunk of any car
  • Kids & Dogs ride along!
  • Will not POP like an Inflatable
  • Adjustable seat
  • Snap-up Tracking fin
  • Lot's of leg room
  • Wide flat bottom for Stability
  • Rated for 1,000's of Folds
  • Weighs ony 28 ponds
  • 300 pound Capacity
  • 3 year Warranty
  • 90 Day Return Policy
foldable kayaking for fishing kayak

camping kayak and fishing kayaks

tucktec folding kayaks are tough, stable, and durable
portable oru kayak foldable kayaks for rving
two person kayak if you buy two kayaks
Perfect for camping, RVs and apartments, or for anyone who loves outdoor adventure and the ability to get on the water anytime, anywhere!
The portability of an Inflatable Kayak, with the durability of a Hard-Shell. The Tucktec Folding Kayak is a SOLID hardshell kayak that folds up to stow anywhere, and sets up in 2 MINUTES!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Need more colors!

I purchased one for my sister who loves to kayak and now she can go on her own and handle the kayak! I got jealous and wanted one so got a refurbished red one! We love the flexibility of the kayaks and freedom to paddle!
please offer more colors for us! Dark Purple would have me back for another.
Thanks for making these affordable, quality kayaks!

Took a long while to receive but it is so much fun.

This is a great concept and functional boat. Just arrived today and we took it out. Performed excellently. Paddling tracked even with a flat bottom. It even fits under the bed in our adventure van. At under 10ft we won't need a boating license just instigated in Oregon. Really glad to have bought it. Worth the wait.

Clever design, easy assembly, perfect space saver

bought two kayaks off the back of my sister having two and blown away by the clever design. Mine arrived yesterday and set one up in living room this morning. Took 15 mins as first time doing it on my own - relatively easy ( one clip proved tricky but left it and did others and it clipped in without much effort !).
supported myself 126lb and my 12yr old and glided easily. easy to board and to disembark - such a clever design! really appreciate how clever these are!

thank you for making the rest of 2020 more of an adventure than it has been so far!


I am a small 5’1, 115 lb woman so when my ex left I found myself very limited since I don’t have roof racks or the physical strength to maneuver my big kayak. This gives me the freedom to kayak whenever I please and get back to my favorite pastime!

It took 4 months to come in. With Covid and the crazy world, this isn’t great but it’s to be expected. I work in manufacturing so I understand the difficulty with supply-chain issues. The first time folding is difficult but after folding all of the seams a couple of times it gets much easier. I didn’t time myself but I have no complaints with the time it takes (took longer to load/unload my old one safely from racks with help). It’s very wide so it’s stable but not the fastest. Great for a calm lake or river. Easy to maneuver since it’s so light. The seat I got only has one seat cushion and the back, I might add some more cushion at some point. I had to keep adjusting the strap for the back of the seat as it stretched throughout my first ride but there is plenty of adjustability in the strap.

So far I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you tucktec.


Woohoo took twenty minutes first time set up but I'm seventy-five years old. No excuses. I love it gives me freedom and fits my no garage, no roof rack handicaps. Training my service dog to load and down stay on livingroom floor before we hit the water. Bless you all and stay in America we need the work. Merry Christmas Best Gift Ever!