During SLOWER SEASONS we normally try and ship SAME DAY day. We ship via FedEx or UPS and transit times vary with them depending on distance from SC.

In BUSY SEASONS we try to ship within 5 to 10 days as demand keeps us very busy.

These kayaks are made by hand for you. Each one is assembled, tested, and goes through multiple quality control checks.

HOW CAN YOU HELP US in the busy season to make sure your kayak gets to you as QUICK AS POSSIBLE? Understand that this is a manufacturing process. We rely on sheet suppliers and machine time to prepare the initial sheet to be ready for assembly. For this reason we may get an order for say... a BLUE kayak, but we may need to wait a few days for machining to finish the BLUE batch. At the same time GREEN sheets may be on the shelf and ready for assembly. So please keep in mind that certain colors, at certain times may take a few extra days to complete. You always have the option of contacting us to see if another color would ship faster, etc.