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All refurbished Kayaks go through a documented 14-point inspection process, to assure they are completely up to date, have the most recent features and benefits, and all hardware is in good-as-new condition."


  • FOLDED SIZE: 48" X 15" X 8"
  • CAPACITY: 300 lbs.


We charge a "Flat-Rate" of $32.50 per Kayak.


We have a 3 Year Warranty and a 90 day Return Policy.

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tucktec folding kayaks

tucktec folding kayaks

tucktec foldable kayak

tucktec foldable kayaks

made in the usa

made in america

tucktec foldup kayak

tucktec fold-up kayak

origami kayak

oru kayak

inflatable kayak

tucktec portable kayak You won't need extra storage space in the garage. You won't need to rent space to store a kayak or trailer. You won't even need a roof-rack!!
Tucktec Folding Kayaks store just about anywhere. It even fits in the trunk of your car.

tucktec portable kayak You won't sacrifice performance with a Tucktec. The solid hard-shell design means it paddles like a standard kayak. It's light weight glides across the water and with the included fin, it tracks straight!

tucktec inflatable kayaks You'll be free to go anywhere with a Tucktec. No more loading onto an annoying roof-rack and no more trailers to hook up. Keep it handy to use anytime you feel the urge to get out on the water!

origami kayaks The Tucktec goes together quickly and easily. It only takes about two minutes to assemble. Just six easy levers to lock in and you're good to go!

oru kayaks Built to be compact. Built to be Durable. Built to perform. The Tucktec has been designed to cover all the bases.

tucktec folding kayaks It's not the Inflatables that are the most portable anymore. The Tucktec packs up just as conveniently. It's hard-shell design lets it perform much better on the water, and an inflatable could not even compete with our durability.

folding kayak, folding kayaks. Get on the water. Make memories. Relax and enjoy nature. Tucktec lets you get away from it all. Never before has it been so easy to just get out and get on the water!

foldable kayak, foldable kayaks. Tucktec is built tough. In fact, we're just as durable as a standard hard-shell kayak (except we fold up). Tucktec is made from a thick and solid sheet, rated for 1,000's of folds and puncture proof.

tucktec with pets We make the whole kayak right here in the USA. All parts and pieces are either made by us or sourced locally. We never have "supply chain" issues. Even our customer service is in-house with real live people to help you out!

tucktec with kids We want you to be comfortable when you ride in a Tucktec. Even though the seat folds up with the kayak, it gives you plenty of back support and cusion. It's full adjustable so you can get just the fit you want.

no storage needed The are no open folds below the top level of the kayak. That means there is nothing to seal or leak. The z-fold design mean absolutely no water can get in, and "paddle drip" is the only thing that will get you wet.

no renting kayaks That about wraps it up!