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Tucktec Folding Kayaks

Full Boat Bundle

Full Boat Bundle

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Snap-on Stabilizer Kit

New to kayaking and still feel a bit "tippy"?  Going fishing and don't want to worry about rolling if you hook a big one?  Don't want to haul around a big outrigger kit?  We've got you covered!  This stability kit includes 2 support rails that clip onto the side skid plates of any Tucktec 2021 model and up!  Simply assemble your kayak, pop the bars into place, and they will securely snap onto the side plates adding extra stability while you're out on the water!  Perfect for beginners, fishing, hunting, nature photography and more!

Proper installation and use of this kit will also add an additional 25lbs to the weight capacity of your Tucktec!

1lb Aluminum Folding Grapple Anchor

Introducing the new Tucktec Folding Grapple Anchor! This 1lb folding grapple anchor is cut at the same local Conway, SC fab shop, and from the same high-grade aluminum, that our durable kayak levers are! Then finished and packed right here at Tucktec! They quickly assemble into a classic-style anchor shape for use out on the water, then easily break back down into 2 pieces for easy storage. Each one includes a 12-foot rode, a clip that easily attaches right to the hull of your Tucktec, and sleek carry bag that can be easily tucked in with the rest of your kayak gear!

The Tucktec Thingy

Introducing the Tucktec Thingy! Is it a seat? Is it a tote? Is it a fishing bucket? Is it a foot stool? Is it a cooler? Yes! Is it other things too? We don't even know anymore! But it folds down nice and flat for storage and then pops right back out to work as many different thingies that are just handy to have while you're out adventuring!

Folding Flame

The Tucktec Folding Flame! This folding firepit is made from high-grade aluminum for the frame and Stainless Steel for the Grate, and it's built to last! You can use any type of fuel from regular sticks, to canned heat, to charcoal! This 2.5lb five piece set quickly assembles into a sturdy firepit (5.99"x5.99"x5.99"), then back down flat (6"x6"x0.75") for easy storage in the included nylon bag!



Tucktec Canvas Carry Bag

Our new canvas bags are a good, reliable, and durable way to carry your Tucktec! At 55"x20", it is large enough to carry your rolled up kayak and all of your gear! Plenty of room for your paddles, PFD, and more! Our bags use the carry strap from your Tucktec, so you simply load up your gear, buckle it in around your strap and you're on your way! These bags are 100% MADE IN THE USA, just like our kayaks!

Tucktec 5 Litre Dry Bag

Keep all of your important gear nice and dry while you're out on the water! And do it in style with this classic blue 5-liter dry bag with the Tucktec logo!  

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