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Worth the money

I'm very unstable without them

Folding kayak

I like it a lot. The plastic is stiff at first but it is easy to put together. This works perfectly for me at a much reasonable price unlike it’s competitor

Too difficult to assemble

The videos looked easy, but the plastic was so strong that we were unable to assemble the kayak

Snap-on Stabilizer Kit
James sullivan

Only took a short trip, but stabilizer was easy to attach after watching video. It seemed to helpful, did not use the tucktec w/o it for any comparison.

Life Jackets
Virginia Balfour
Adult Life Jacket

Very well constructed.
A little small.

Great option kayak

Pricing good, response from company on questions super fast. Have only done a small trial paddle, it seemed good! Great option for traveling with kayak. !!!

Folding Kayaks 2 for $650


Setup is very intuitive, watched the video once. I've never been kayaking before and this thing is stable enough that I could manage. Beached it a few times, not a scratch. Great fun to just get on the water for an hour when you feel like it, highly recommend.
No idea on the long term durability yet, but no reason to doubt either.

Full Boat Bundle
Esmeralda Almazan
Best adventure tool

I had been wanting a kayak for years but didn't have the room or vehicle to transport one. I recently stumbled onto Tucktec kayaks and I bought one almost immediately. I recently took my kayak out on our first outing. I absolutely love it. My only regret is that I didn't find out about these kayaks years ago!

Pleased so far

This was more difficult to put together than expected at first. But after I got it together once, it is quite simple. I can literally do it in the 2-minutes they say now. It just took some effort to get the folds loosened the first time and to understand the shape of the folds. Have had zero problems with leaking. This glides much better than my previous inflatable kayaks as well, along with not getting holes all the time.

I'm still working out some issues with it having a slight turn instead of going straight. But nothing serious.

Only concerns so far are:
(1) the slight turn instead of going straight. One theory is that the front point of the boat isn't a perfect V shape. Rather, because of the folding it's more of a W shape that's squished into what is intended to be a V shape on the outside. I may play around with getting that "squishing" area so that it becomes a more smooth V shape.

(2) Some of the edges on the top of the boat can be a little sharp and hurt some when paddling. They have provided a black cushion that solves for this in the middle for the most part. But I occasionally find myself scraping the edge just a little in front of where that padding ends while paddling. I think just some tape of this will help a lot.

But overall very pleased so far. Was getting sick of constantly reparing holes in my inflatable. This gets me a compact, easy-to-store and haul option without those problems.

10ft like new tucktec

This thing is awesome I can take it anywhere not just that in any car as well. I keep this in my Toyota Corolla along with my fishing stuff so I can go at anytime really easy and be setup on the water in less than 10 minutes from unloading it from my car. Really stable for what it is! I am wanting to get 1 to 2 more if they could give me the same deal on this on. I highly recommend it especially if you only have a car as it will fit easily in a trunk or backseat. Folds out to be big enough to hold a lot especially if you pack it right

10ft tucktec

This thing is well worth the money. I recommend this thing to everyone that doesn't have a truck. I have this in the trunk of my car with my fishing stuff so I'm ready to go at anytime. I want to get me 1 or 2 more if they can give me the same deal on them too.

Nice Kayak!

Once you get the setup steps down, very easy to get out on the water! Paddles like a dream. Glides well without having to constantly paddle. Made in the same town where I went to college years ago! A great product!

Tucktec Folding Kayak

Great engineering, light weight, throw it in the back of your car so no need for a roof rack. Set up and take down takes about 3 mins. when you are used to doing it.

Love it!

I love the Tucktec Boto. It is light weight, stable, and really easy to transport. The initial assembly took some time to figure out, but once accomplished was simple to repeat. This is a great purchase, and well worth the price. I highly recommend the Boto!

Awesome Kayaks

These Kayaks are an amazing way to get out on the lake, and they allow you to do so without needing a bulky roof rack or a truck to haul around a traditional kayak. We have been using our TuckTec kayaks weekly ever since we got them, and are excited for a summer of fun out on the lake's and rivers of Michigan. 10/10 would recommend these folding kayaks to anyone!

Folding Kayaks 2 for $650
Matthew P Heldman
Great value

Super ez to use,store and anyone can use them!

Does the job pretty well

Tried it for the first time, and actually it exceeded my expectations, very stable and easy to fold and unfold

Still waiting! 😔

I'm sure I'll love it but leaving tomorrow for 10 days vacation & it hasn't arrived yet! Really disappointed as I wanted to take it!

BOTO Foldable Kayak | Origami - 2 minute assembly | Folding Portable Kayak

So far solid boat

Tested it out today and it seems like a good investment for someone who wants to kayak for fun/exercise. Felt very stable even when the wind picked up and I had some waves (not big enough to spill into the kayak). Definitely put it together 3 or 4 times before you go out, those folds need the working in to make the assembly close to 2 mins. And watch the screws and metal parts, some of them start to dig into the bottom of the kayak as you fold it back up.

Fishing Bundle
Great Kayak...!

I was so impressed with this Kayak that I got a 2nd one for my son.... it's a great value and love that it is so portable and easy to setup and deploy.


I bought one for me and my girlfriend and we both love them and they are easy to use and quick to set up

SeaSense Xtreme II 2-Part Paddle