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I am a small 5’1, 115 lb woman so when my ex left I found myself very limited since I don’t have roof racks or the physical strength to maneuver my big kayak. This gives me the freedom to kayak whenever I please and get back to my favorite pastime!

It took 4 months to come in. With Covid and the crazy world, this isn’t great but it’s to be expected. I work in manufacturing so I understand the difficulty with supply-chain issues. The first time folding is difficult but after folding all of the seams a couple of times it gets much easier. I didn’t time myself but I have no complaints with the time it takes (took longer to load/unload my old one safely from racks with help). It’s very wide so it’s stable but not the fastest. Great for a calm lake or river. Easy to maneuver since it’s so light. The seat I got only has one seat cushion and the back, I might add some more cushion at some point. I had to keep adjusting the strap for the back of the seat as it stretched throughout my first ride but there is plenty of adjustability in the strap.

So far I am very happy with this purchase. Thank you tucktec.

Glad you are enjoying your Tucktec! Thanks for the review!

2 for $650
Cynthia King
Awesome product and great people!

I’ve had a wonderful experience with Tucktec. I would buy more products from in the future. If you’re in the fence, buy it!! You will only regret not buying it sooner.

2 for $650
Teresa Holland
Set up

I received my yaks very quick. I'm in Alaska and things usually take forever. I ordered 2 of them. Brought the first in from sitting outside in my mudroom, where it's been in the 30's overnight. It was like wrestling an alligator! I was thinking what have I got myself into! The second one I brought in and let it sit in my warm living room for 2 days. World of difference! So much easier to assemble. Once it gets a little warmer I can't wait to get them in the water! Will post another review then.

First portable kayak

The experience to order my Tucktec kayak was easy. It was delivered quickly - I appreciated the shipping updates. It arrived at the end of February - as I live in Canada it stayed tucked away in a closet until the weather was warm enough to try it out. This past weekend it was finally warm enough to get it in the water. I had watched the assembly video a few times but have to say it was a frustrating experience putting it together. I am a strong female - and I really struggled to fold the plastic properly where the folds were, and get the clips secure. It took me some cursing and re-watching the video numerous times before I was successful. Maybe it was due to the kayak having been rolled up for so long. However, once I was successful, it was so easy to get in the water, and I had a wonderful inaugural paddle withy 20 pound dog. I am leaving it assembled for a while as I don’t want to go thru the struggles to de-assemble and assemble again. I’m hoping when the weather warms up the plastic will be more malleable
I am still very happy with the product - and look forward to many paddles to come.

2 for $650
Gabriel Belluscio
Wide Times

I finally had an opportunity to take my TuckTec out and it worked pretty well. I will say I am a heaven guy at about 250 lbs, but I didn’t expect the support bar to fall out. When I got in the kayak the whole thing got wider which was the opposite of what I thought would happen. This was no problem though. The kayak was fairly stable and as comfortable as could be expected. The biggest issue was packing it up. I had it all rolled up and was tightening the Velcro strap when the metal ring bent and came off leaving me with no way to hold it together…. Luckily I was able to bend the ring back into almost the right shape. I plan on getting I different strap for the future.

Great option compated to standard kayaks.

The plastic folding kayak was a great option for something other than a plastic or inflatable kayak. It was fairly easy to put together although I did watch the video a couple of times. It's lightweight; easy to carry and store. As far as paddling, the foam pads on the side rails get in the way and it's necessary to paddle at more of an angle than I would like, but it's OK. The plastic retainer strap in the back (keeps the rear fold intact and stern pointed) kept coming undone. I think the bow and stern plastic retaining straps is an area for some engineering improvement. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend the kayak to others.

Tucktec Folding Kayak
Jodi A. Joyce
Tough Smart Kayak with no storage fees

My Maiden voyage in my Tucktec in the Toronto inner harbor was amazing. Despite the open cockpit no waves from the washes of large speeding boats swamped me as my little Tucktec just bobbed up over them. It's almost as if this little yak has a sense of humor.

2 for $650
Carolyn Brown

We did have a few issues getting the kayaks together at first but like the videos state once you get it it's really easy. However packing up is still a issue for us. We rolled around in the campground looking like crazy people. Overall empressed.

First kayak in 40 years

Finally warm enough to take the yak out to the lake. Put the yak together and rolling it up were a struggle but it was only my second time and there is a learning curve. I got the yak out into the lake, she's good. It was a little windy and motor boats and jets skis were out and about. The boat was very stable crossing boat wakes with the mist blowing in my face. I am very happy I made the purchase. Now I just have to arrange my schedule so I have more time to paddle.

Tucktec Folding Kayak
Michael Simon

Took it out fishing on the lake and it handled great. Easy to set up and tracks well on the water. Very stable. Will be taking it out again soon.

Pleasantly Surprised

Great functional kayak, floats and handles well and fits into my compact car. Shocked how easy it is to put together and take down, so convenient.

2 for $650
Eric Emmil
Tucktek Review

We are enjoying the kayaks, but I have to admit folding the kayaks is not as easy as the video appears. We are having to use a lot more force than expected. I am leaving out in the sun during the day and it is helping and I suspect it will also get easier the more we use them.

Great match for my needs

I wanted a kayak I could transport, carry and set-up myself. Took the kayak out for its maiden voyage and am very happy with it. Overall comfortable, stable, handled well in calm waters and even on the relative choppiness of the river. I did find I had to change up my usual kayak stroke abit to adapt to the width of the kayak. And I was very impressed with the delivery time - less than 2 weeks into Canada.

My New Tucktek

Only be able to be out once so far, but it was great. Looking forward to more use this summer.

Tucktec Kayak

I love it. It’s only been a week but it seems worth the money so far

Absolutely fantastic!!

Performs exactly as advertised! One of the best things that I've ever bought in my life! I'm getting another one!

2 for $650
mark ganter
new to tucktec

Cancelled my origami paddler (due to rated weight 250) in favor of yours at 350.
Merch as described. Packed and shipped with care. Assembly videos were great. The first time it took about 10 mins. The second took about 4 mins.
How about a mesh pocket on the back of the seat.

Tucktec Folding Kayak
Christian Adrian
I’m so glad that it works!

Works great! I’m just disappointed in the shape that it arrived in. I bought a new one, but there was gashes in the plastic and scratches. I hope they don’t cause any problems down the line.

It was put together over the weekend. My first impression is it's cool but the seat is really lacking. I there a recommendation for an upgrade?

Perfect for me!

It was perfect for what I need and was looking for. The only reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is because of the seat. The seat was hard to get right and not very comfortable. I did catch 3 Bass the first time using it. It was just a test run. It takes up less room than my inflatable kayak when transporting and I don’t have to worry about getting a hole in it. It was very stable. Great design.

2 for $650
Amy Hobbs
Easy to order and fun to paddle!

We love our Tucktec kayaks; when out kayaking, lots of people ask us about our foldable kayaks and how to order them. Ordering our kayaks online to be shipped to us in Canada was super easy and they added the correct duty and taxes online so that we did not have pay duty when they were delivered. We did have to add a new seat with a better back, but the canoe seat that we bought separately fits perfectly. Because the kayak has a simple and elegant design, it is easy to improve and adapt. These kayaks are perfect for beginner and intermediate paddlers. One suggestion, when putting in the gear bar, put it in before you do the last side clamps; it is much easier to line up and insert the bar with one of the back side clamps unfastened. It is challenging inserting the gear bar after closing all four side clamps as shown in the instruction video. Other than that, the instruction video for assembling the kayaks is great and important to follow. Tucktec kayaks are fantastic recreational kayaks that can be stored and transported easily; highly recommend!

Like my tucktech

Im a 61 yo woman with limited mobility due to an injury long ago. I have gotten the hang of setting it up through watching videos on youtube. Find that the tucktech site videos arent helpful at all. Best advice is to fold along the lines. I think i have set up down, except the seat seems problematic and wont stay hooked to the wires. I like that i can lie down in the boat comfortably because i like to laze around and hang out in my journey. The thing i really dislike is folding it back up again. It requires kneeling on it, which i cant comfortably do. I want to get a longer strap. I dont mind if it isnt as compact as it should be. I would rather not try to insert the seat and side pads while folding either. I still likenit better than my inflatable because it is speedy and more streamlined and a lot more room.

Love my demo

While I still need to build a bit of muscle, I appreciate this discounted priced kayak that had been previously folded! Great idea!

Tucktec Demo Model

Put the Tucktec Kayak today for first time. It went together simply and easily and I haven't watched the videos since before I ordered it. Dog and I had a test run and a blast! Putting it away I did have to rewatch the video during final rollup and saw what I did wrong and had it rolled up in a few extra minutes.

Very happy

My Kayak can to Ottawa from North Carolina in 6 days . Went out last Saturday for the first time and I had so much fun. I rent a room so space is a issue when I wanted a kayak. This was the perfect solution I am very happy with my purchase thank you.